2i2c Pilot Hubs Infrastructure

This is documentation for the 2i2c Pilot Hubs deployment infrastructure. The goal of this stack is to automatically deploy JupyterHubs in the cloud with configuration from config/hubs.

How we plan to use this repository

Currently, most user-facing documentation for the Hubs Pilot is at 2i2c.org/pilot. We’ll use the following repositories for managing users and maintenance of these hubs:

We’ve asked users to submit any questions, problems, requests, etc as issues via github.com/2i2c-org/pilot using issue templates. Hub operators should triage these issues, and surface any that require ongoing attention as issues in the github.com/2i2c-org/pilot-hubs repository. This includes technical problems that need fixes, as well as requests such as environment updates.

2i2c Hub Operators as well as Hub Architects shall use this repository to perform hub updates and maintenance in order to resolve these issues. They’ll also use this repository to create new hubs for communities that have reached out via https://2i2c.org/pilot.

Below is a quick introduction of this documentation’s structure.


Information on contributing to this repository